Why you should not talk while the teacher is talking

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Why you should not talk while the teacher is talking

I have learned a lot about motivating my students to produce language in a caring and supportive way in which they can relax enough to practice the target language and create language of their own.

Poor Best At the simplest level, teacher talk time TTT refers to how much the teacher talks during a lesson. However, this will vary according to the stage of the lesson.

Why not to talk while the teacher is speaking

For example, the teacher needs to speak more when providing explanations of and examples for the target language early in the lesson. Elsewhere he may speak less as students need ample opportunity to practice the new material. Their use of the language should further promote qualitative thought.

For example, this means that choral drills, substitution drills, and other exercises remain important because students need these activities to become familiar with and absorb the target language. However, too many drills or other, similar activities result in students who switch off their brains.

Why you should not talk while the teacher is talking

The fail to critically observe, analyze, and practice with the new language. Talk time by the teacher and students accomplishes the following: It allows the teacher to restrict his speaking to vital areas of the lesson.

When he then speaks, students know the information is important. They listen more attentively and work harder to successfully process the information.

Students get to speak more.

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When students speak more, they have increased opportunities to become familiar with the new material. Students have more chances to experiment with and personalize the language.

They can mix previous vocabulary and grammar structures with the target language of the lesson, as well as steer conversations towards their individual interests.

As students speak more, they must also rely on their skills. For example, if two students fail to understand one another, they must work together to repair the miscomprehension.

This better prepares the class for the real world, where they can't rely on the teacher for help. As the teacher speaks less, students have added opportunity for interest and challenge.

For example, think back to your life as a student. Which classes did you enjoy the most, ones with a long lecture or ones that allowed active engagement?

From the above five points, it should be clear that the class greatly benefits from limited talking by the teacher. What's more, these are but a few of the positives available with low TTT.It's important not to talk, because if I'm talking while the teacher is speaking in class, I am disrupting others and their concentration.

Some people want . I will not talk when Miss McCloskey is talking to me like I did this morning because you, Miss McCloskey, are an expert on how a person should not be and what they should not do.

9. I will not talk to Hollis or Angel about our baseball mitts in class and argue which guy has a better mitt, because what fits right on one guy might not be right. Why we should not talk during class One of the main reasons that talking in class while we are not supposed to is disrespectful is because the teacher is in charge of the class and we are supposed to follow directions correctly.

so I don't see why teachers complain. You can even tell a little bit about a person by what they doodle. Biology Teacher” 1) The problem in this case is the time conflict and responsibility of a teacher, in which the biology teacher must decide whether or not to cut off a student from talking, who obviously needs to talk, in order to attend a planned meeting.

Do not expect that students only will talk about the lesson, class assignment, project, or other school related topics while you sit back at your desk doing paperwork or grading. It won't happen. As soon as they feel you are out of earshot, numerous topics will appear into .

Talking to another student while the teacher is trying to teach or trying to finish something important is not good and disrespectful for many reasons, not only to the teacher but also to the rest of the class.

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