Typography projects

Tweet on Twitter An injection of realism can take a design project to the next level. With so many VR and realistic style effects gaining popularity, it is no surprise that 3D typography is part of this design trend. Three-dimensional typography has extra depth and can be a great display option. Three-dimensional typography is a design trend that adds a realistic effect to type.

Typography projects

Add to Wishlist Install A picture is worth a thousand words, but we like to combine our words and pictures into awesome pieces of typography wall art.

Typography projects

From inspirational quotes to putting our name up in lights, we believe in art that really says something. Check out our favorite DIY projects that are easy to make but make a big statement.

Renter Friendly Fabric Typography: Create the illusion of letters just by folding down different edges. This project is really simple — just keep layering and collaging until you love what you see, then blow it up even bigger!

You know how much we love gold art, and this is a fun way to get creative with gold foil. Make people think you have moss growing on your wall with this creative piece of typography!

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Inexpensive, simple and with big wow factor, this DIY project ticks all the right boxes. We love the casual way you can stack and lean these letters on your mantel or bookcase.

Take advantage of those pretty antique books at the thrift store with this clever DIY.

Typography projects

Try your hand at living art with this easy moss garden wall hanging. Combine string art, bright paint and a tiny plant for a super awesome piece of art.Stefan Sagmeister was born in Austria and lives and works in New York.

His studio, Sagmeister & Walsh, is a NYC based design firm that creates identities, commercials, websites, apps, films, books and objects for clients, audiences and themselves. Typography Pack is a high quality, well organized and easy customizing template. This project has modular structure, so you can easily change duration.

This project has modular structure, so you can easily change duration. Yigezu's Typography: Dedicated to Ato Yigezu Bisrat, an artist, educator, and more importantly a typographer who made a magnificent contribution to Ethiopic typography.

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The art of typography is a fundamental piece of digital design and product marketing. When used correctly, a font or typeface can communicate an entire brand’s personality.

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