The english settle america

Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago became independent inand Guyana and Barbados both achieved independence in In the s, the BahamasGrenadaDominicaSt. Luciaand St. Vincent and the Grenadines all became independent of the United Kingdom, and Suriname became independent of the Netherlands.

The english settle america

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Double-click on any word to find the definition in the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary. Today, we tell the story of the first permanent English settlements in North America.

Queen Elizabeth the First supported explorations as early as the fifteen seventies. Sir Humphrey Gilbert led the first English settlement efforts, but he did not establish any lasting settlement.

He died as he was returning to England. Gilbert's half-brother, Sir Walter Raleigh, continued the work.

The english settle america

Raleigh sent a number of ships to explore the east coast of North America. He named the land Virginia in honor of Queen Elizabeth, who never married and was known as "the Virgin Queen.

These settlers returned to England a year later. Another group went to Roanoke the next year. This group included a number of women and children. But the supply ships that Raleigh sent to the colony failed to arrive. When help got there in fifteen-ninety, none of the settlers could be found.

At least some of the settlers may have become part of the Indian tribe that lived in the area. King Phillip of Spain had decided to invade England.

But the small English ships combined with a fierce storm defeated the huge Spanish fleet. As a result, Spain was no longer able to block English exploration. England discovered that supporting colonies so far away cost a lot of money.

So Queen Elizabeth took no more action to do it. Not until after her death in sixteen three did England begin serious efforts to start colonies in America. Companies were organized to carry out the move.

The London Company sent one hundred settlers to Virginia in sixteen six. The group landed there in May, sixteen seven and founded Jamestown. It was the first permanent English colony in the new world. The colony seemed about to fail from the start.

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The settlers did not plant their crops in time so they soon had no food. Their leaders lacked the farming and building skills needed to survive on the land.

More than half the settlers died during the first winter. They wanted the settlers to search for gold, and explore local rivers in hopes of finding a way to the East.

One settler knew this was wrong. His name was Captain John Smith. He helped the colonists build houses and grow food by learning from the local Indians.The English overseas possessions, also known as the English colonial empire, comprised a variety of overseas territories that were colonised, conquered, or otherwise acquired by the former Kingdom of England during the centuries before the Acts of Union of between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland created the .

The english settle america

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History of English Immigration to America: British Ancestry According to the United States Census, % of the total population of the United States, consisting of over 49 million Americans, claimed English ancestry.

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