Taekwondo blackbelt essay

As you can see in this picture, when I started my son was already a 1st Permanent Brown Belt. Also in this picture is my Wife and Daughter in the Jung's T-shirts, they support us and do many things for Tae Kwon Do behind the scenes, like get us on Channel 13's work out of the week. Here I am three years into my Tae Kwon Do journey getting prepared for my test to attain the rank of 1st Dan. I can hardly believe where I am at on this journey today, it has been a lot of work, practice, studying, and participating in all kind of events to reach this point of my progression through the ranks.

Taekwondo blackbelt essay

Tae Kwon Do

During Tae Kwon Do I have practiced leadership in the following ways: In Tae Kwon Do, as we become higher belts, we gradually get more and more leadership and we start by just being a good example for the lower belts. One of the most important things I have learned about leadership is to be confident.

Typically, the higher belts are older than the rest of the students so they need to be confident in order to make the lower belts less timid and inspire a confident atmosphere, where no Taekwondo blackbelt essay is hesitant and everyone can do their best.

Tae Kwon Do has also taught me about three very important values, dignity, courtesy and integrity.

Taekwondo blackbelt essay

Dignity means respecting yourself, and learning about dignity has helped me greatly in times when I have any doubts about myself. Integrity means doing what you think is right without anyone there to see and I think it is the most important out of the three.

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I think that dignity and courtesy both fit into integrity because while practicing them, you are doing what you think is right.

It is always hard doing what you think is right, even if it is just picking up a piece of trash in a park or sticking up for a friend, but I always try my hardest. In addition, Tae Kwon Do has taught me how to meditate.

One thing meditating has taught me is to relax and clear my mind. Relaxing and clearing my mind helps me most when I am falling asleep.


In Tae Kwon Do, after we warm up, we meditate. Meditating involves clearing your mind so you have no worries or anxieties and can relax completely. To clear your mind, you must think of nothing, a good way to start is to focus on a single noise but not think about it, or count, or focus on your breathing.

Breathing is also very important in meditating.

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Practicing self-defense in class has not only taught me to know how to get away when someone is grabbing me, but to have control when I am throwing someone or pretending to strike someone. Another area of self-defense is forms.

Forms are just a series of blocks and strikes against an imaginary opponent. All forms start with a block and are to defend you.

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I really like doing forms, because it gives me a chance to try my best and always do better. Another important thing I learned in Tae Kwon Do is sparring.Essay outlining Mike D'Agostino's beliefs and perspective about tae kwon do and martial arts in general after obtaining a black belt.

initiativeblog.com is a blog website run by Mike D'Agostino about search engine positioning, online marketing, php/MySQL, tae kwon do, and various other topics. Sep 21,  · Hi, My DS 10 will be promoting to black belt, and evidently it is customary/required for the child to write a letter and give a gift to the instructor in order to promote I talked to someone who has her blackbelt already and she said most people give taekwondo posters and things like that.

However, his walls are filled already, so that's not something I really want to do. Here is a black belt essay from Tyler!

Tyler is an adult provisional black belt candidate for 1st degree in taekwondo. In this essay, he talks about how different martial arts training was from his childhood ideals. March 8, / in Black Belt Essay / by sunsoo A bit of history: Two at the judging table, Master Tony Morris, and my older daughter Master Juli Bowman were instrumental in my decision to begin my Tae Kwon Do practice.

Imagine the fear: You have been training in your dojo for many years now, but a weird feeling is slowly creeping up on you, giving you that uncomfortable sensation in the pit of your stomach. Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Essay Kevin L. Ryburn At nine years old, as a typical kid growing up in suburban Denver, I was exposed to martial arts like most kids, via movies and television.

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