Strength weaknesses coca cola

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Strength weaknesses coca cola

The brand is present in nearly every part of the world and enjoys a very high degree of popularity. It has presented low calorie options for nearly all its major and well known products. Coca Cola sums up its key strengths on its website in the following lines: Coca Cola Company Coca Cola!

In this way, the coca cola company holds some significant strengths that give it a competitive edge in the market. A key reason behind its impressive international presence is its robust distribution network.

Coca Cola utilizes unique marketing and Strength weaknesses coca cola strategies. From time to time viral marketing videos to social media campaigns, Coca Cola has used all of them to attract customers.

An excellent distribution network is also an important strength of the brand. Competitive pressure from rival brand pepsi. The rivalry and competitive pressure against Coca Cola has kept rising.

However, Coca Cola did not make any major strategic move to beat the competition.

The Coca-Cola Company leverages a worldwide team that is rich in diverse people, talent and ideas. As a global business, our ability to understand, embrace and operate in a multicultural world -- both in the marketplace and in the workplace -- is critical to our sustainability. The Coca-Cola Company manufactures and distributes a full compliment of carbonated and noncarbonated, nonalcoholic initiativeblog.comide. They offer carbonated beverages to bottling and canning companies for resale. SWOT Analysis of Coca Cola Coca Cola is among the leading beverages brands of the world that owns or licenses and markets more than non alcoholic beverages brands. The beverages sold by Coca Cola can be grouped into the following categories – sparkling soft drinks; water, enhanced water and sports drinks; juice, dairy and plant .

It has continued to rely on the popularity of its existing brands, apart from the introduction of a few low calorie options.

Recently, the brand increased the number of low calorie or calorieless options in its product portfolio. Still, considering the growing presence of health drinks and sports drinks, competition might grow further in future. Its product diversification relative to its competitors has been low.

The industry has seen customers move towards the health drinks. However, this is an area where the brand presence of Coca Cola is relatively low. It also faced lawsuits over product quality recently.

The uproar over the use of pesticides is yet to die. Continuing lawsuits and legal hassles also challenge its reputation especially in the growing markets.

It can profit through brand expansion in these markets. Apart from it, product diversification into healthy drinks and packaged water can also bring revenue and profits.

Adding food products to its portfolio like Pepsi did could also be a good option. Introduction of health drinks and juices can particularly benefit it by establishing it as a health friendly brand. Increased competition from the less known brands. The resources are getting costlier including water.

The threat from the continuing lawsuits is not small either.

Strength weaknesses coca cola

So, there are some major threats before Coca Cola. However, the biggest one is water scarcity.

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Its brand image and popularity helped it through the financial crisis. Moreover, water management is a key area that requires focus.

Strength weaknesses coca cola

Coca Cola is aggressive about its plans for the year. Based on the popularity of its products, a few strategic moves could help it better handle competition in the emerging markets.The best global brand in the world is strength of Coca Cola, it helps company gained the world’s largest market share in beverage Significant focus on carbonated drinks and undiversified product portfolio are weaknesses of Coca Cola.

The Coca-Cola Company is a beverage company. The Company owns or licenses and markets non-alcoholic beverage brands, primarily sparkling beverages and a range of still beverages, such as waters. The table below shows the summarized SWOT matrix for Coca-Cola Strengths Large market share Customer loyalty to the brand Strong advertisement campaign Weaknesses Seen as an unhealthy product Low popularity in middle east Opportunities Growing population Technological advancement Growing demand Increasing global fast-food demand The rise in population will mean that there is .

On the plus side, the Coca-Cola Company is world's largest softdrink company, with brands recognized worldwide, dominant marketshare, and good exposure to emerging markets.

Introduction. Brief History of Coca-Cola Company. Business Operation. Industry Analysis. Company Capability. Environmental Analysis. Competitors.

Performance Indicators. The Coca-Cola Co (TCCC) faces a challenging situation, in which economic recovery is fragile in developed markets, while the major emerging markets of China, Russia and Brazil are .

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