Sheikh zayeds housing programme

His father, Sheikh Sultan, was briefly Ruler between andand then, after a brief reign by an uncle, Sheikh Zayed's eldest brother, Sheikh Shakhbut, became Ruler at the beginning of

Sheikh zayeds housing programme

Contact Us A man in a hurry: Courtesy Al Ittihad Today, a little over half a century ago, an event occurred which marked, in many ways, the birth of the modern United Arab Emirates. It was an occasion that was formally and joyously marked every year until he died, providing an annual opportunity to reflect upon his achievements, first as ruler and then, fromas president and founding father of the UAE.

It provided, too, a chance to look forward to what lay ahead for further progress was always on the horizon. Born inhe became the representative in Al Ain in for his brother Sheikh Shakhbut, who was then the Abu Dhabi ruler. He served there for 20 years, laying the foundations for its development, from trade to agriculture and municipal services and successfully navigating the choppy political waters relating to the ownership of the nearby villages of Buraimi and Hamasa.

During those Sheikh zayeds housing programme decades in Al Ain, he gained experience of governance and consolidated his relationships with local tribes, both in the Al Ain area and throughout the adjacent deserts. In the early s, Abu Dhabi had become an oil producer, first offshore in and then onshore in and it became apparent that a new leader was required to take the emirate forward.

And so it was that ina consensus emerged within the ruling Al Nahyan family that Sheikh Zayed should succeed his brother as ruler. With his vision for the future already prepared, within a few weeks of his accession he set in motion a whole raft of major initiatives, including the creation for the first time of a formal structure of government departments.

Over the next decade, there were many challenges to face. The announcement by Britain that it would be withdrawing from the Arabian Gulf by the end of prompted the launch of intensive discussions on the formation of the UAE.

Externally, the seizure by Iran in late of the three islands of Abu Musa and Greater and Lesser Tunb complicated the emergence of the newly formed UAE on the international stage. The Arab-Israeli War of October brought further challenges, even if the related increase in oil prices meant that sufficient revenues were available to fund the burgeoning development programme.

Sheikh zayeds housing programme

It is more difficult, however, to assess some of the challenges that he faced and overcame. They have faded away and in many cases, it is difficult even to comprehend the circumstances in which they arose.

The unity of the UAE federation is now part of life; it is difficult even to imagine an alternative. Most external observers gave it little chance of success.

Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme (Szhp) - Company Details on ZAWYA UAE Edition

The process of modern development had only just begun when Sheikh Zayed became ruler. Health services were minimal, diseases like malaria common, infant mortality rates were high and public housing was virtually non-existent.

When Sheikh Zayed became Ruler of Abu Dhabi, there were less than half a dozen university graduates in the emirate, none of whom were women.

There were no cohorts of educated officials upon whom Sheikh Zayed could depend to realise his ambitions. Of course, some of the foundations of the UAE were laid much earlier but August 6,is when the country of today was born.

It is a date that those of us who remember the years of Sheikh Zayed as ruler, president and founding father, continue to cherish.Jumeriah Golf Estates begins tree planting programme to celebrate Sheikh Zayeds vision of sustainability: Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Launches Awareness Campaign on the Smart Use of Plastic: Municipality donates , lamps to Dubai's government housing projects.

Sheikh zayeds housing programme

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Providing housing plans for citizens of Dubai - Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Providing loans for citizens of Dubai - Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Providing loans for eligible UAE citizens - Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme Decisions on government housing - Ministry of Finance.

Jumeriah Golf Estates begins tree planting programme to celebrate Sheikh Zayeds vision of sustainability: Ministry of Climate Change delivers climate initiatives to touch the lives of 10 million people around the world: Municipality donates , lamps to Dubai's government housing projects.

Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme "As part of the ongoing efforts to achieve the vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, to empower UAE national families, improve its standard of living and achieve housing stability; Emirates Development Bank signed a banking service agreement with the Sheikh .

The Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme was established to provide suitable housing for UAE national families in order to contribute to achieving the aspirations of the UAE government in the provision of a high standard of living for UAE nationals.

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