Role of trade unions in national

Looking at this scene, one would never guess that the countries that are among the top 10 in student performance have some of the strongest teachers unions in the world. Are those unions in some way different from American teachers unions?

Role of trade unions in national

International Trade Union Confederation

Publishing House Importance Of Trade Unions The existence of a strong and recognized trade union is a prerequisite to industrial peace. Decisions taken through the process of collective bargaining and negotiations between employer and unions are more influential.

Trade unions play an important role and are helpful in effective communication between the workers and the management. They provide the advice and support to ensure that the differences of opinion do not turn into major conflicts. The central function of a trade union is to represent people at work.

But they also have a wider role in protecting their interests. They also play an important role in organizing courses for their members on a wide range of matters.

Origin of the First Labor Union

Seeking a healthy and safe working environment is also prominent feature of the trade union. Trade Unions are important to workers for the following reasons: Industries with trade unions always have higher wage structures.

Trade Unions negotiate with employers for better terms and conditions of employment and for healthy workplace standards.

The ability of unions to represent workers and their families stand as an asset, for which political parties try to woo them by offering better deals in terms of pro labour legislation. Better medical facilities, welfare schemes, annual leave, insurance and other benefits are the results.

Trade unions can ensure more job security for its members than non unionized, unorganized workers. Unions provide legal support to workers when they face police action and legal tangles. Factories with union activity are safer when it comes to chance for industrial accidents.

Unions pressurize employers to ensure better safety standards and use their influence with law enforcement agencies to assure better safety measures at workplace. Trade unions protect workers against physical and mental torture and exploitation of superiors at workplace.

It protects women employees against sexual harassment. Trade Unions in advanced countries often provide educational support and training for skill up-gradation. Trade unions can negotiate with management for mutual give and take in matters of increased productivity.

When there is higher demand of production trade unions can negotiate better remuneration, so that both workers and managements benefited. Since trade unions protect their interests, workers can remain motivated and their economic, social, political well being are taken care of.

Trade Union — Related Discussion.The role of trade unions and their representatives Although trade unions look after the interests of their members, they also recognise the advantages of working in partnership with employers.

This is because a successful, profitable business is good for workers and therefore good for the union and its members. As a disproportionately low number of organizations from the trade union arena were included, the results need to be interpreted with care.

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Role of trade unions in national

Regulatory tasks of national medical associations – international comparison and the Israeli case. The National Union of Mineworkers was founded in Its birth was facilitated by comrades Cyril Ramaphosa who rose to be its first General Secretary, James Motlatsi who turned to be its first President, and Elijah Barayi who became its Vice President and later the President of Cosatu in when the federation was formed.

Trade unions are a part of society and as such, have to take into consideration the national integration as well. Some important social responsibilities of trade unions include: Some important social responsibilities of trade unions include.

Unions in a country, often belong to a national union organisation. For example, in India, a number of unions belong to the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC). This is the oldest and one of the largest trade union federations in the country. Prior to the s, the National Education Association (NEA) was an alliance of educators, not a teachers union.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), founded in , had always been a union, but it was much smaller, and not particularly militant.

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