John downes letter rhetorical strategies

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John downes letter rhetorical strategies

Downe utilizes a variety of rhetorical strategies and logical fallacies such as Juxtaposition, Appeal to authority and polysyndeton. John Downe contrasts America to England in the second to the last paragraph. Down portrays America as a place where a person can be free and be their own person.

John downes letter rhetorical strategies

This might convince Downes wife to move to America as in England she is restricted and without liberty, but according John Downe she may be able to live in America and may be able to live as she pleases. Downe attempts to convince his wife through the utilization of Appeal to Authority as Downe has secured a position of power in the factory, I am to have the whole management of the factory.

This may convince Downes wife as having a spouse in position of power may provide a sense of security for her. Having that sense of security fades away the fears of moving to a foreign land. This security may provide assurance to keeping safe as their childrens security may be a deciding factor in the familys move.

Downe utilizes polysyndeton as a rhetorical strategy to convince his wife to move to America.

Analysis of John Downe's Letter to His Wife

Downe lists all the goods and food that may be attained by moving to America in lines The listing of several food items with the conjunction and presents an overwhelming feeling in sense that there is plenty of food. The overwhelming food lists assures Downes wifeSulay 2 that there is enough to eat.

The list of the foods elongates the amount of food and presents a illusion that food will not be a problem when moving to America. John Downe writes a convincing persuasive letter to his wife. Downe unitizes polysyndeton, Juxtaposition and Appeal to Authority to persuade his wife to move to America.

Downes letter appeals to the desires of human beings as he addresses a persons desire for freedom, power and happiness.

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All these desires are addressed in Downes letter in order to persuade his wife into moving to America.The rhetorical purpose of John Downe's letter to his wife Sukey is to convince his wife to emigrate to America from England with their children to live with him. Downe left his family in England to travel to America in pursuit of a more fortunate life for his family.

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1 through We’ve Got Lots of Free Essays. the two rhetorical strategies used in the writing of place or thing paying a prominent role in the essay or in this case a letter Words; 2 Pages. One rhetorical strategy from “Letter from Birmingham Jail” is the use of a rhetorical question.

King asks “Will we be extremists for hate or for love”, which has the effect of making the audience feel more involved in the essay. Lukas Sunderlin Downe Rhetorical Analysis In John Downe’s sincere letter to his wife, Downe begins by extensively listing every aspect of his apparent well-being in his new life in America in an attempt to persuade his wife to immigrate to America%(1).

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