Have we really got freedom

We have gained freedom from the British rule but what have we done with our independence? It has been 63 years since we have gained independence.

Have we really got freedom

Subscribe via Stitcher here. Roy is ready to play hardball with GOP leaders in Congress. As with so many conservatives, however, Roy is treading lightly when it comes to Donald Trump.

And while most Republicans campaigning for Congress this November are touting the accomplishments of President Trump and his GOP majorities—tax reform, regulatory relief and a soaring number of federal judicial appointments—in the deep-red 21st congressional district of Texas, Roy is running on a different message: A controversial passage in that book was about Social Security and comparing it to a Ponzi scheme.

There was a Have we really got freedom Republicans prioritized entitlement reform. And yet today, with a unified Republican government, there has been no meaningful action.

Why do you think that is? What has changed is the willingness of Republicans to do the hard work of governing and focusing on the very central issues that they need to and roll their sleeves up and work.

And one of the reasons, I think, is that both parties have gotten so focused on retaining power. We need to reduce deficits. Inwhen that Tea Party wave first came to Washington—and then two years later when that second Tea Party wave came, with your former boss, Ted Cruz—the message was clear and very urgent: America was in danger of going over the cliff if something was not done dramatically to change course.

But President Trump has made little mention of reducing the debt, reducing the deficit, cutting spending.


He talked during the campaign about it being a great time to borrow. He is not someone who has ever campaigned on this idea of fiscal responsibility that seemed fundamental to what Republicans stood for.

But you are rightfully pointing out that some of these core issues that drive not just [the] conservative base—not just Obamacare repeal, but health care freedom, border security, other issues where we have not seen them get it across the finish line.

I am basically of the belief that this is it. What would you say is the difference today between conservatism and Trumpism?

Conservatism, at its core, is a belief in the Constitution, limited government, and giving people the ability to live their lives unfettered by government interferences so that we preserve and protect the liberties that God gave us.

Have we really got freedom

And we believe that generates wealth and opportunity and—importantly—empowers people at communities and the state level to be able to do the things we want to do to help one another. What we see right now is that the swamp or the establishment or the status quo or whatever you want to call the inner workings of Washington, D.

And that challenge began years ago.

Have we really got freedom

Those were tectonic shifts in the party, and we saw the rise of the Freedom Caucus. But it seems that Trump has very successfully not just remade the party in his image, but coalesced the party behind him.


We heard so much about Article One during the Obama years from conservatives on the Hill. The job of Congress [is] to check the executive branch no matter who is there. If you look at the last 20 months, a lot of great things have occurred. Judges are in place, regulations, taxes, leaving more money in the hands of the people, 4 percent economic growth.

But there is much to be done. To your point, the Freedom Caucus is representing the interests of the people who sent them there. They had the opportunity to pass full Obamacare repeal, but ran away from it. You mentioned the concept of checks and balances.

I think over the last 21 months on Capitol Hill, many Republicans will acknowledge that they have not been sufficiently aggressive in checking the Trump administration—certainly as far as oversight is concerned. Do you share that concern?We read about freedom, dream about freedom, rejoice in the notion of freedom, teach, advocate, and hope for freedom, but what do we mean by freedom?.

Freedom means many things to many people. We can view freedom politically, as having the opportunity to vote for particular ideas, people, or parties which best represent our views.

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Many people complain that they do not.

We already have FREEDOM

By Vijay Darda Once in Pakistan, the journalists there asked me why despite India and Pakistan attaining independence at the same time, India marched ahead and Pakistan remained behind?

I answered them that we have Gandhi and Freedom of Press. It may be that our politicians cause some flutter but it is certain that they [ ].

So, what exactly does “freedom” mean? If we don’t have a definition for that, then we can make this phrase mean anything we want it to mean, just by avoiding a fixed definition. Do we really need armies of observers making sure that no one ever does anything to offend anyone else? Do we really want every phone call, They finally.

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