Essays on the shining film

The Shining is a mystery.

Essays on the shining film

It is the first thing I remember stealing, at least, although I want to add the critical caveat that I returned it to its rightful owner.

Essays on the shining film

That always satisfies the judge, right? My father leapt into action and did as he was told, punching the fast-forward button.

Shoeshine boy, 1947

In the fashion of the old VHS tapes, two blurred lines appeared on the screen: My sister and I will laugh over that one until the day we die. But back to the book. I intended to skim a few pages, that was all. The Torrances might not be trapped yet in the Overlook, but you are.

Essays on the shining film

An element I remember from that first read was a sense of astonishment as I realized: The crisis of the story was clear: The worries of the character I met on the page, however, the desperate man calling in the last favor he has in the world to protect the family he loves, a man battling the threats around him and within him, were jarring.

I had a few days before the neighbors returned; it did not take me a few days to read the book. What The Shining demonstrates — quietly at first, then loudly if you go back and study it — is a clinic in the art of suspense. Suspense is an emotional state, a feeling of uncertainty or anxiety about what will happen next.


In The Shining, King crafts layers upon layers of that anxiety, blending the external with the internal seamlessly, and he does it with a skill that seems borne of total confidence. It is hard to remember, or even believe, that at the time he was a very young writer who had published two novels but was far from secure in his place in the literary world.

What he wrote in those rented spaces in Boulder, Colorado for that third published novel is a master class in storytelling. The emotional bonds between reader and characters form quickly and deepen with each page, and that is what separates great fiction from the pack.

There are countless narrative talents on display in The Shining, but what stands out to me now — and I think maybe even a little back then — is the patience.

It takes a very good and confident writer to demonstrate real patience within a suspense novel, requiring faith that his characters and his writing are strong enough that the audience is with him and so he need not rush. It also requires a knowledge that his payoff, when it comes, will be worth the wait.

The Shining shows a writer in love with every aspect of storytelling. In the patience is the suspense, and in the suspense is the profound emotional experience. The Overlook when we first meet it is populated with staff and last-weekend guests.

[tags: Film Shining Analysis Effect] Free Essays words ( pages) Stanley Kubrick's The Shining Essay examples - Stanley Kubrick's The Shining () initially received quite a bit of negative criticism. The film irritated many Stephen King fans (and King himself) because it differed so greatly from the novel. The Shining also. Secret Windows: Essays and Fiction on the Craft of Writing is a collection of short stories, essays, speeches, and book excerpts by Stephen King, published in It was marketed by Book-of-the-Month Club as a companion to King's On initiativeblog.comgh its title is derived from a King novella (Secret Window, Secret Garden), it is not otherwise related to that novella or the film adaptation. The Shining is a horror film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick and co-written with novelist Diane Johnson. The film is based on Stephen King's novel The Shining. The Shining is about Jack Torrance.

Then the staff and guests leave, and the family is isolated, but not cut off.The Shining essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Shining by Stanley Kubrick.

The Possibilities of Mental Illness in the Shining. Hated the film, probably as much as King did, and probably for the same reasons. The Shining, the book that is, terrified me. I was 17 at the time I read it, with a burning and wildly imaginative, pubescent mind having kicked in and King managed to penetrate my crazed mind with this book.

The Shining Essay. Have you ever been so frightened of someone or something that it controls your thoughts and actions? When I was a small child, this “something” was the movie “The Shining”.

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The Shining is director Stanley Kubrick’s epic, gothic horror film. The movie tells the story of the Torrance family and their experience at the Overlook Hotel. Jack Torrance is a former school teacher who has a passion in writing screenplays.

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