Essay about educational system in egypt

Egypt operates two corresponding instruction systems:

Essay about educational system in egypt

Education is made compulsory for 9 academic years between the ages of 4 and Moreover, all levels of education are free within any government run schools.

According to the World Bankthere are great differences in educational attainment of the rich and the poor, also known as the " wealth gap. In the case of Egypt, the wealth gap was a modest 3 years in the mids. The Road Not Traveled showed promising results of the people of singers relative educational achievements.

Of the 14 MENA countries analyzed, Egypt achieved the education which has been really bad over the years. There has been a lot of attacks in their schools. Its key elements are: The Ministry of Education is responsible for making decisions about the education system with the support of three Centers: Each center has its own focus in formulating education policies with other state level committees.

Relief of Horemheb's tomb - 18th dynasty of Egypt - Saqqara There is also a formal teacher's qualification track in place for basic and secondary education levels. The teachers are required to complete four years of pre-service courses at university to enter the teaching profession.

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Specifically with respect to teacher's professional development to raise mathematicsscience and technology teaching standards, the Professional Academy for Teachers offer several programs.

Local teachers also take part in the international professional training programs. Working groups were established to make more formal proposals. Proposals included ideas for starting with recurrent expenditures, using a simple and transparent formula for carrying out fiscal transfers, and making sure that transfers would reach the school itself.

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Library at Bibufe During design was carried out, three pilot governorates FaiyumIsmailiaand Luxor were chosen, and monitoring and capacity building processes and manuals were agreed upon.

The formula is quite simple, and includes enrolment, povertyand stage of education as drivers.

During funding was decentralized all the way to the school level, and schools began to receive funding. As of latethe pilot showed few if any problems, and the expected results were materializing quite well, in terms of stimulating community participation, allowing schools to spend more efficiently and assess their own priorities, and increasing the seriousness of school-based planning by creating a means to finance such plans, among other expected results.

An informal assessment of the pilot revealed that the funding formula money precipitated an increase in community donations. The survey results show that the ratio of the median values of community donations of the pilot year to the previous year was 2. Parallel to these efforts in the education sector, other sectors for example, certain aspects of housing and municipal services in Egypt are planning to decentralize decision-making and spending, now nationwide without a pilot stage in limited governoratesin a phased approach.

Education plans to be one of the lead sectors in this process. In addition to administrative and financial decentralization, there is an increasing emphasis on involving elected local popular councils which exist at governorate and district level in the horizontal oversight of expenditure and planning across the decentralizing sectors, and as they come on stream in the decentralization process.

Within the education sector, as of late plans are being made to decentralize certain lines of funding and planning for capital equipment and infrastructurein all governorates, all the way to school level in the case of smaller units of capital equipment, or levels higher than the school for items such as new infrastructure.

Essay about educational system in egypt

The education sector does expect to continue to use the original 3 pilot governorates as a special observatory to assess and understand how well the process is proceeding. He started a dual system of education at the time: The Mansourya taught students the basics of reading and writing throughout memorizing and reciting Qur'anic verses with no emphasis on experimentation, problem solving or learning-by-doing; while the Madrasa offered a more modern educational pedagogical.Egypt: an Educational System Overview Post by admin on August 27, In Egypt, education is free and compulsory from ages 6 to 14 (grades 1 to 9) and is offered at both public and private schools.

Also that high literacy rate is due to the deterioration of the educational system and governmental schools. The research was based on a questionnaire made and distributed among students and parents randomly. The questionnaire was divided in to 5 questions.

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Where teachers now are not like teachers in the past.

Essay about educational system in egypt

The chapter will move, from global to specific, by giving a general description of the educational system in Egypt ranging from its philosophy, structuring and finance to . Egypt has the largest overall education system in Africa, and it has grown rapidly since the early recent years the Government of Egypt has given greater priority to improving the education system.

According to the Human Development Index (HDI), Egypt is ranked in the HDI, and 9 in the lowest 10 HDI countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa, in Ancient Egypt and Education Essay Egypt, the gift of the Nile, is situated in the northern part of the African continent.

Ancient Egypt was a desert country watered only by the Nile River which flooded the country from August to October, leaving behind a very rich black earth.

Egypt: an Educational System Overview