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Bbb essay contest

What is the Difference Between Gambling and Investing? And perhaps the same is true of stock exchanges. In order to differentiate between the two, we should start by defining them. Comparisons are often made between the two activities, but I've never seen the terms explicitly defined.

If you're sufficiently Bbb essay contest, I encourage you to try to define the terms 'gambling' and 'investing' before you continue reading this essay Go ahead, I'll wait here for you. What definitions did you come up with? Are investing and gambling mutually exclusive, or is there an area of overlap?

And are the boundaries clearly delineated, or is there a gray area in the middle? Let's see what the dictionary says. Here's what the Random House dictionary on my bookshelf says: To stake or risk money, or anything of value, on the outcome of something involving chance. The definition for gambling could apply just as well to investing, and vice-versa.

To take a risk in the hope of gaining an advantage or a benefit. In investing, are you not betting on an uncertain outcome? Are you not taking a risk in the hope of gaining an advantage or benefit? In gambling, are you not committing money?

Bbb essay contest

Are you not doing it in order to gain a financial return? Beyond the Dictionary OK, so the dictionary definitions aren't very useful.

Perhaps if we examine some of the ways in which gambling and investing are generally perceived to differ, we might be able to build definitions from those characteristics.


Investing is a good thing, gambling is a bad thing. I think it would be hard to argue with the claim that investing is, on the balance, a good thing. Investing is widely regarded as the engine that drives capitalism. It tends to put money in the hands of those with the most promising and productive uses for it, and drives the economy gradually upward.

Bbb essay contest

Investors aren't merely betting on which companies will succeed, they're providing the capital those companies need to accomplish their goals. Similarly, you can change the world in a small way by investing in companies you believe in, such as socially or environmentally conscious firms and mutual funds, or biotech companies that are working on diseases that might affect you or someone close to you.

Gambling, on the other hand, is not so clearly making a positive contribution. Gambling does tend to help local economies, but also usually brings with it well-documented unpleasant side effects.

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I'll leave it up to the reader to decide whether gambling is, on the balance, a plus or a minus. Looking to the financial markets, one could make the case that people who gamble in this realm do serve a function, by adding to the market's depth, liquidity, transparency, and efficiency.

But that's of relatively minor value, and those gamblers probably capture most of that value for themselves.

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